2024 Fisker Pear Release Date, Price, Specs, Latest News

2024 Fisker Pear Release Date, Price, Specs, Latest News! Fisker announced a second SUV, the Pear before the company’s Ocean SUV was launched. Even though it makes us squirm when we discover that the title stands for Portable Electric Automotive Revolution and not the delicious, sweet fruit, we anticipate it to be pretty and have a good range.

2024 Fisker Pear
2024 Fisker Pear

The 2024 Pear will probably take its design cues from the good-looking Ocean and have a range of about 250 miles per charge. Few details are known about the Pear, but Fisker has said it will be made in Ohio with the help of the tech company Foxconn. Fisker is now taking bids for the Pear. The company says sales of the new SUV will begin in 2024, and costs are expected to start at around $30,000. So, in this article, we will share everything about the 2024 Fisker Pear Release Date, Price, Engine Power, Performance, and Safety Features.

2024 Fisker Pear Release Date and Price

The 2024 Fisker Pear is expected to be available in the last quarter of 2023 or the first quarter of 2024. The price is supposed to vary based on trim level. Trims are expected to cost Sport, Ultra, Extreme, and One. Fisker hasn’t announced what trim levels the Pear will be offered, nor hasn’t said how much each one will cost. According to several news 2024, Fisker Pear’s price will start at $30,000, Ultra price at $40,000, Extreme price at $55,000, and One price at $55,000.

2024 Fisker Pear Engine Power and Performance

There are no details yet about the electric motor’s power or battery size of the PEAR from Fisker. Currently, two battery packs are being offered by the brand. This short-range unit is designed for urban use, while the longer-range pack will have a range of over 500 km.

The performance of the PEAR can infer from the Ocean. The entry-level Ocean Sport has a single motor and develops 275 horsepower. The vehicle can travel 250 miles on a single charge. The Fisker Ocean Sport claims to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds.

The PEAR might get a detuned motor for its most basic model, and its bigger battery pack might get a higher-output motor. The best-performing version of the small SUV will probably be a dual-motor model with an extended range.

Interior, Infotainment, and Exterior

Compared to the Ocean’s 115.0 inches wheelbase, Fisker’s PEAR will have a shorter wheelbase and shorter overhangs, which will contribute to its compact size. There will still be five seats in the PEAR. According to Fisker, the PEAR is unique because it has a trunk lid that slides down into the rear bumper rather than a conventional hatch, making it easier to access in tight spaces.

Fisker hasn’t said anything about the PEAR’s inside yet; however, from the one teaser picture shared on the company’s website, we can tell that the small car will have either a solar roof screen or a roof with unique lighting.

The picture of the concept PEAR that Fisker gave us reveals a tablet-like display on the dashboard. This may be an upgraded version of the Ocean’s 17.1-inch touchscreen display, which can rotate among vertical and horizontal modes.

Additionally, every PEAR will be able to receive updates over the air. Mobile devices may be able to be used as keys as part of Fisker’s product. Furthermore, the proprietary app could have the capability of controlling driver and vehicle pre-sets as well as tracking the location of the car remotely.

2024 Fisker Pear: Dimensions and Weight

According to the official information, the 2024 Fisker Pear is going to have an impressive 7.1-inch ground clearance with unique dimensions that have a 115.0-inch wheelbase, 187.9-inch length, 78.03-inch width, and 64.21-inch height, while its curb weight is 5,365 lbs.

Safety Features Offered by the 2024 Fisker Pear

Potential safety features may include driver attention monitoring and warning, automatic emergency braking, crash sensor, seat belt warning, collision warning for the front and sides, engine check warning, rear camera, an anti-theft device, lane keeping assistance, adjustable seats, adaptive cruise control, emergency lane departure avoidance, and traffic sign, vehicle stability control system, and stoplight recognition, all standard features on the Ocean. Fisker can also provide 360-degree cameras and reverse collision mitigation.

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