2024 Volkswagen Golf Release Date, Price, Specs, Latest News

2024 Volkswagen Golf Release Date, Price, Specs, Latest News, Interior & Exterior Picture! The Golf is a best-seller worldwide and one of the most well-known cars in the world. It has something for everyone and lives up to what the name Volkswagen means in its native language. Golf has been around for a long time. It was first sold in 1974, making it one of the most successful European cars of any era. Each model has been equally successful, with customers loving its usefulness, trustworthiness, and fun-to-drive qualities.

With the 2019 debut of the eighth-generation Golf comes the inevitable question of what changes will be made to the vehicle in 2024, four years after its initial release. We have compiled all the information to help you decide whether you want the new automobile.

When will the 2024 Volkswagen Golf come out?

We cannot give any official information about when the 2024 Volkswagen Golf will be available in the market. Due to this, it is very difficult to say when this car will be available for purchase. According to our assumptions, the 2024 Volkswagen Golf R and GTI will be out in early 2024.

2024 Volkswagen Golf

2024 Volkswagen Golf Price

As with most vehicle updates, the Volkswagen Golf will cost a little more than it does now. US customers can’t get the standard model, which isn’t likely to change anytime soon. However, the GTI, which currently costs $31,625 (after the $1,095 delivery fee), is expected to remain the base model. The Golf R costs $45,835 right now.

2024 Volkswagen Golf Engine Power and Performance

There will be a variety of powertrains available for the Golf in Europe. The car will come with mild-hybrid options with 110 and 150 horsepower. There will be an update to the plug-in hybrid GTE, which may get more speed and a new battery to give it more incredible mileage on electric power. The diesel options include a 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 116 hp, 150 hp, and 200 hp.

The fast GTI and R models offered in the US will continue to be powered by the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. According to a report, the refreshed Golf might not come with manual gearboxes anymore.

2024 Volkswagen Golf Interior and Infotainment

We think the 2024 Golf will have many of the same speed features as the 2023 edition. It will be the last version of the car with an ICE, which means VW will hold off on the redesign until next time, instead making minor changes to the current model maybe to get a little more horsepower and better gas mileage.

Based on what we can tell, the Golf will get a makeover in 2024, getting the latest looks. Even though it will be built on the same MQB Evo construction, this has been updated for the forthcoming model year, giving planners a chance to provide the prior 8th generation a new look.

Even in the base model, the ’24 Golf will appear a little sportier than its predecessors. It will have more vital lines and keep the car’s general look.

We anticipate that the upcoming Golf, comparable to the Mustang Mach E and all Teslas, will feature a much bigger vital screen where most of the car’s multiple driving settings, passenger amenities, and information technology can be controlled. If Volkswagen wants to win the electric car battle, they’ll need to provide superior infotainment systems in the future.

2024 Volkswagen Golf Exterior Dimensions and Weight

This refresh of the Golf does not bring any revolutionary changes to the appearance. The LED headlights are slimmer now and extend towards the vehicle’s center. Body-color inserts are added to the sides of the lower fascia in the form of a smaller grille. There’s also a chance VW’s wheels and paint color will change.

According to the official information, the 2024 Volkswagen Golf is going to have an impressive 6.4-inch ground clearance with unique dimensions that have a 104.5-inch wheelbase, 170.4-inch length, 70.8-inch width, and 60.7-inch height, while its curb weight is 3,460 lbs.

Safety Features Offered by the 2024 Volkswagen Golf

The 2024 Volkswagen Golf is going to offer safety features, including anti-lock braking, a vehicle stability control system, brake assist, power door locks, rear seat belts, crash sensor, central locking, child safety locks, seat belt warning, door ajar warning, adjustable seats, engine check warning, engine check warning, rear camera, and an anti-theft device.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of speculation online that the 8th generation Golf may be the final model in the nameplate.  Golf has remained a popular car despite the overall decline in popularity of hatchbacks, and the Golf nameplate is perhaps the company’s most valuable piece of IP, so maybe it’ll stick around. Seeing it come to an end would be a significant loss.

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